Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A tear in my eye

I have mixed emotions as to the end of DADT.  Obviously, I think it was an onerous implementation of hate and discrimination on a national basis and needed to end for common decency reasons.   However, as with most implementations of pro-LGB legislation, the T is left holding the bag.  This morning I began a lengthy post that centers, in part, around a friend of mine and the prejudices faced by T-women versus women in general.  That will be posted later today or early tomorrow.

Then today, I received a link in my email.  You know that I do not like linking to other sites.  Normally I consider it lazy and I know that you don't read MY blog to see what other people are thinking.  However, this is different.  As a former Marine, I appreciate this more than most.  As I don't know the people involved I must let them tell the story. So, as we celebrate the end of DADT, let us remember that there are still many in harm's way who still can't tell.


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